A printing line for Turkey


       July 2019              

Imagine: a KBA 4-colour printing line, professionally dismantled and shipped from Denmark to the Cazander stores in Raalte, a town in the eastern part of The Netherlands. There it is unloaded and stored for just a little while, before an interested customer comes by to inspect the line. And the customer is enthusiastic about its possibilities and decides to buy it. The selling condition is ex works, so the buyer has to arrange for the transport. Soon after, a forwarder contacts you and you give him all the necessary information.

Each printing tower is around 2.80 meter high and one of them has a width of 2.55 meter. The towers cannot be loaded in just any truck, you need the extra height and width, so the forwarder has to send apt trailers. The towers weigh between 12 and 14 tons and, as the forwarder informs you, each truck can only load a maximum of 24 tons. Can you take the risk to load two towers on one truck, even if that means a small overweight? Turkey is not that far away, so it is tempting, but the traffic rules are strict and for good reason. You discuss the matter with all parties involved and decide to stay on the safe side. This means that you need three trucks that can load 3.00 meter high and one that can load the same height but also the width of 2.55 meter. The latter means: special truck, a deep loader / low bed trailer. And that means special permits to be applied for.

The three extra high trucks come to load one after another and the cargo is neatly packed onto the trailers. Each truck has to weigh before and after loading, so that the loaded weight can be determined. Whereas the goods are stowed quickly, making out the documents absorbs a lot of time. For a container shipment, there is time enough to prepare the accompanying documents. For a truck consignment, the documents have to be handed to the driver, so they need to be impeccable. With this line come the four printing towers plus twenty five additional packages, some of them containing various parts. In perfect co-operation with the buyer, the documents are issued and the drivers can leave. A week later, the low bed trailer is sent for the final, extra wide printing tower. In no time, the last part is loaded, the documents are ready  and the driver is on his way.

Imagine: a KBA 4-colour printing line, previously employed in Denmark, then shortly stored in The Netherlands and now ready to be installed in a factory in Turkey. A solid addition to the buyer’s production process and another example of Cazander’s ability to handle large projects.

Tjakko Cazander
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Tjakko Cazander

Director Cazander Bros & Sis